Nationwide For-Profit Health System

“We have no other partners like Monument. They have set the bar high. Monument has not only delivered a solid service but has also changed behavior throughout our organization for the better.”


Engagement Highlights

  • Established governance council overseeing enterprise non-clinical CW Program
  • Annual savings exceeding $5 million through improved rate management and supplier terms
  • Created efficiencies and accuracy for invoicing process, reducing the client’s effort from 100 hours to less than 10 hours per month
  • Used objective supplier management process to rationalize supplier base and concentrate activity with highest performing suppliers.

Nationwide Residential and Commercial Services Company

“We knew we were spending far more than we needed to, but without a centralized process things were running amok.”

- Account Acquisition Manager / Agency Manager for Contract & Temp. Labor

Engagement Highlights

  • After 6 years, Monument continues to deliver year-over-year savings
  • Solved challenges with difficult-to-fill positions by introducing niche suppliers, while simultaneously reducing overall supplier count
  • “Rogue” spend identified and eliminated
  • Satisfaction ratings from managers and suppliers both over 97%

Nationwide Non-Profit Health System

“Thank you for your committed partnership. I truly appreciate the effort and ideas that you consistently put forth to save money and enhance our relationships with our supplemental staffing partners.”

- IT Director

Engagement Highlights

  • Millions in cost savings captured, including over $1M in rebates paid out directly to the client.
  • Helped client achieve a major reduction in contingent labor spend and stabilize program volume.
  • Reduced vendor community by 50%, driving volume to top performers and expanding strongest partnerships.
  • 100% overall program satisfaction scores in hiring manager survey.

Regional Energy Transmission Operator

“The Monument team has done a terrific job with this huge cultural change. We were all a little nervous about this when we started but the feedback from the front lines to the CFO has been very positive.”

- Client's Director of Operations Applications

Engagement Highlights

  • 100% paperless and fully automated workflow
  • Electronic invoicing and payment processing
  • 40% cost savings over vendor payrolling
  • Outstanding satisfaction survey results from managers and vendors
  • Implemented a highly compliant process for drug/background clearances and training
  • Implementation rated by client as “Top 10%” of enterprise projects in 2012

Regional Health System

“I wish we had hired Monument Consulting sooner”

- VP, Application Services

Engagement Highlights

  • Saved $1.2 million in the first year of the program
  • Reduced T&E costs for contractors by more than 25%
  • Implemented new rate cards, with savings in excess of 5%
  • Ensured pre-employment compliance for all contingent workers
  • Provided weekly reporting for visibility into the use of contingent labor

Global Software Company

“We feel we have selected a best-in-class partner for our implementation… We love the team from Monument”

- Global Director, Talent Management

Engagement Highlights

  • Seamless transition from sales to implementation.
  • Monument had a highly collaborative relationship with the client, which led to a best-in-class solution.
  • Implementation was on-time, less than 90 days from start to finish
  • 100% buy-in from the supplier community – full compliance on day 1.