Contingent Workforce Summit (CWS) 2020: What to Expect

From staffing companies to consulting workforces and tech industry leaders, the Contingent Workforce Summit is the highlight of the year for vendors within the contingent workforce industry.

We understand that with COVID-19 social distancing regulations in place, the annual event may look differently this year. However, the upcoming CWS can still provide insight regarding the new landscape in contingent workforce labor. In the content below, we explore what you can expect from the upcoming 2020 Contingent Workforce Summit event regarding virtual booths, emerging industry trends, and vendors.


Contingent Workforce Summit: Introducing Virtual Booths

Although the event was scheduled to take place from September 14th to September 17th, 2020 at Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, CA, the Contingent Workforce Summit is now launching virtual booths. However, if you are a scheduled vendor for this event, this allows more attendees to discover your company.

With virtual booths, viewers can select from the list of vendors and virtually visit your company. Additionally, guests can “tap” on any desired company to connect with a live representative and instantly have a video conference.


Emerging Industry Trends

As with any annual conference, guests want to discover new or forecasted trends for the upcoming year. For 2020, the most prominent discussion in the contingent workforce industry is without a doubt going to be surrounding what a post-COVID world will look like for many businesses.

No one likes a recession of any sort, especially the current recession brought by the global Coronavirus pandemic. Despite the slight chance that the economy could soon recover, many companies will reconsider hiring new employees for some time. Many will opt for reliance on contingent labor as they scale back in the coming months.

COVID-19 has drastically reimaged the contingent workforce labor landscape. Business owners are looking to better protect their company by hiring temps and contractors in lieu of solidifying full-time laborers. Therefore, with direct sourcing, contingent workforce programs are now becoming more recognized during these unprecedented times.


Monument Consulting: An Inside Look on One of the Vendors

As one of the platinum vendors for this summit and virtual event, Monument Consulting is a contingent workforce consulting company offering both contingent labor management and consulting services.


contingent workforce summit 2020


If attending CWS Summit 2020 virtually, you can directly access different marketing material and white papers without video chatting with Monument. Alternatively, after reviewing the documents, you can opt for a follow-up video call with any questions or service requests. With seven devoted representatives available, you can easily contact one of our consultants.

At Monument’s virtual booth, you can easily discover and explore consulting services offered and the company’s vision. Monument recognizes the emerging trend in the industry where companies are either internally managing a program or looking for a contingent workforce expert. As a third-party solution, Monument has the desire and the expertise to meet both needs.

Are you looking to connect with Monument Consulting? Contact us today to ask about our contingent workforce consulting or managed service provider (MSP) services!