Fortune 150 Healthcare Client

“This is the best-managed contingent labor program I have ever seen at any company.”
– CIO and SVP

The Challenge

Monument Consulting had been the MSP for a Fortune 150 company for nearly three years when the client challenged us to find significant incremental savings without impacting quality or time-to-fill.  Monument had already saved this client $9.8mm, or 7.01% the first year and $6.4mm, or 7.41% the second year.

The Resolution

Monument accepted the challenge and presented multiple savings options ranging from conservative to balanced to aggressive. Ultimately, we agreed upon and implemented an aggressive Competitive Rate Savings strategy coupled with a supplier rationalization. First, we negotiated new terms with fewer suppliers. Next, we tweaked the supplier scorecard, which incentivized suppliers to be competitive with their rates while monitoring timeliness and quality. We set the % of Max Bill Rate to 90% but allowed suppliers to submit higher when necessary.

Savings for new contractors exceeded 13% and the client realized an incremental savings of $3.6mm. Even with the introduction of additional and aggressive savings strategies, the KPI that measures quality remained steady at a 20% chosen rate. Time-to-fill actually decreased from an average of 32 days to 19 days.