Fortune 50 Aviation Client

The Challenge

A Fortune 50 Aviation client internally managed their contingent workforce program for years using a VMS.  However, when tasked with raising the bar to develop an elite program they called Monument Consulting.  Two immediate challenges were to realize “significant” savings in the current calendar year and to introduce standardization across multiple subsidiaries while maximizing hiring manager and supplier adoption.

The Resolution

To meet all the client goals, Monument recommended a phased roll-out to six subsidiaries in the first year.  This approach balanced the need for speed required to hit the savings targets while maximizing adoption.  Phase 1 started with a US-based business unit and included a VMS overhaul, supplier onboarding, rate card evaluation and refresh, and hiring manager training.  Through a heroic effort phase 1 was completed in just eight short weeks which allowed the first business unit to save 5% in year one.

Subsequent phases kicked-off simultaneously and included staggering go-live dates, again to balance maximum savings with adoption. Required integrations with the VMS included Primavera and an HRMS. Canada, several countries in Europe, and two additional US-based subsidiaries all went live within six months after the initial kickoff resulting in additional first-year savings and a consolidated program managed by Monument.