Global Fortune 500 Company

“I didn’t think I was ever going to be on board with switching MSPs, but you’ve won me over.”
– Director, Global Strategic Sourcing

The Challenge

A global Fortune 500 company had been using a leading MSP for 12 years. Despite demands from the client, the Program was stale and not effective.  Integrations were broken and never fixed, the rate cards were outdated, policies and procedures were undocumented, many of the vendors had deprioritized the client’s reqs, and the managers were going outside the program.

The client issued an RFP for the estimated $50M of contingent labor spend.  Monument won the business and quickly started implementing improvements to the program.

The Resolution

Launching a full-scale VMS and MSP transition, Monument scrubbed every detail from data-flows to policies.  Monument retained the best talent from the previous MSP and brought in new leadership.  Monument hosted monthly governance meetings with key program stakeholders which allowed Monument to introduce effective policies and program enhancements.  The account management team traveled to remote sites, establishing relationships with managers who had previously not worked with the MSP.  Monument hosted weekly meetings with the client program owner to review initiatives and progress and ensure alignment with client existing projects and goals.

In less than six months from go-live, the client was gushing about the improvements and program as a whole.  Monument rolled out updated supplier scorecards, including KPIs that were impactful to the client.  The supplier community was re-engaged, received feedback, and rationalized.  The rate card was refreshed and relevant and provided material guidance to the client.  Every policy was reviewed, edited, and reintroduced to the manager community.  The offboarding process was buttoned-up and security gaps closed.  The overall health of the program measurably improved as indicated by time-to-fill, quality of candidates, and manager engagement.  The headcount increased by 48% in just six months.