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Beeline Vendor Management System (VMS) is a cloud-based software solution for companies that want to optimize their use of non-employee workers. The Beeline platform gives you complete insight into your contingent workforce composition and availability and helps partners minimize risk, utilize talent, and expand the business.

Used by numerous Fortune 500 companies, Beeline VMS substantially increased market share during the pandemic, when the number of contingent and remote workers ballooned. We’ll look at what it is, who benefits, how it’s managed, and what companies can do to optimize their Beeline implementation.

Beeline Vendor Management System

The Beeline VMS automates the work of sourcing, onboarding, managing, and paying contingent workers. It’s a one-stop-shop for companies that want to track spending, invoicing, and more with confidence.

Key benefits of Beeline include:

  • Visibility: Despite all the tools we have to get in touch with one another, communication is often far worse than many companies want to admit. Since contingent workforce management programs involve multiple parties and departments, decisions can easily be made in the dark. Beeline makes the process more transparent, giving everyone from execs to hiring managers a better idea of who is impacted by every decision and how.
  • Automation: Automating manual tasks is more than just convenient, it’s a proven way to reduce errors. When you have endless official documentation from and about your temporary workforce, Beeline will keep all the data straight. This makes it easier to review expenses, settle disputes, and analyze performance, which dramatically increases compliance and decreases risk. 
  • Stronger talent pool: All companies benefit from a strong contingent talent pool that you can return to again and again. Beeline will store the data of your contingent workers alongside your staffing suppliers, which can open the door to more streamlined hiring processes — even if you hit an unexpected swell. Beeline can provide insights to help you understand more about how to harness this talent pool.

Implementing Beeline

Beeline has more than two decades of experience in creating software solutions that work. To effectively implement Beeline, there needs to be consideration around the integration and operations of the software.

While Beeline is generally flexible, every company has its own systems and workflows to grapple with. Adoption across your organization is key in order to avoid paying full price to use only half of the technology.

Beeline Consulting

Beeline has established consulting partnerships with companies, like Monument Consulting, that can help customers get the most out of their investment through a partner led implementation. The right third party can adapt the system to meet your business needs using their staff’s expertise to give you the solution you’re looking for. Your compliance needs, tasks, and workflow will not be the same as any other Beeline client, and a partner-led implementation can provide you the needed guidance to ensure the Beeline configuration meets your company’s unique requirements. 

In addition, a Beeline consulting partner can provide you with the needed reporting and analytics to better understand your workforce, so you can track the impact of the Beeline system on everything from worker turnover to the financial bottom line. What’s more, the right Beeline consulting partner will help you adjust your strategy over time, further driving the efficacy of the software. From user roles to custom processes, you’ll be able to configure Beeline in a way that fits your organization’s needs.

Data migration: System integrations can be headaches if you don’t have the right oversight. A Beeline consultant will know the new software backward and forth, and they can use that expertise to migrate your systems without the risk of data loss or compromise.

Change management: If change is the standard at your company, you’re going to need controls in place to get through each new update. A consulting partner can do more than recite best practices. Once they understand how your company responds to change, they can craft and help deploy a change management plan that caters to your company culture. 

Cost savings: With the implementation of Beeline, a company can improve efficiency and productivity through automating and streamlining the process of sourcing, contracting, invoicing and paying for contingent workers, ultimately realizing meaningful cost savings. In addition to optimizing spend and value by enabling data driven decision and negotiations based on vendor performance, market conditions, and business needs.

Risk reduction: When the definition of contractor is more up in the air than ever, Beeline can help ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. By classifying, contracting, and paying employees according to federal and local laws, you have all the proof you need in case of dispute or confusion. Plus, you’ll be more likely to have the talent you need when you need it.


Beeline’s Partnership with Monument Consulting

The partnership between Beeline and Monument Consulting grew from the needs of clients, and today, the help available is more targeted than ever before. Monument Consulting holds more Beeline Level III certified representatives than any other consulting agency in our industry. 

There’s more to Beeline than meets the eye. Companies can trust Monument’s Beeline consulting services and expertise to help implement and maintain their VMS so they don’t have to wonder if they’re missing out on its many benefits. If you have questions about how Monument Consulting can help your company, it’s time to contact us today!

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