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Monument maintains and collaborates with a robust ecosystem of industry leading partners. Monument’s philosophy is to own the relationship at the highest level (MSP or Consulting Leader), but will combine forces with industry leaders when that solution provides the best results for our end clients. Remaining agile and flexible for our clients in engrained in Monument’s DNA and our industry partners are a key component to that success.

100% Vendor-Neutral

Monument Consulting is technology agnostic and partners with the industry’s leading providers of Vendor Management technology. This enables Monument to be able to pick the best tool(s) based on the flows and features that will truly meet our client’s needs.

Being vendor-neutral not only creates value for our clients, but for our staffing suppliers, VMS and other partners, too. Our partners know that they are treated fairly, are given more access and visibility into the businesses we administer and get more detailed information that helps them succeed.

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