What is a Freelancer Management System (FMS)?

For companies that are shifting their workforce approach in an adjustment to the impact of the Coronavirus, the talent on-demand workforce is quickly becoming a growing trend in several industries’ talent management strategy. Unlike traditional staffing options, the on-demand workforce focuses on the flexibility of the task, matching worker’s skills to outcome desired and tapping into a pool of workers that traditional staffing agencies may not have access to, or in some cases, may not be willing to support such as short-term, highly specialized requirements.

Why Use a Freelancer Management System (FMS)?

As the desire for flexibility grows among the workforce, recruiters are seeking independent engagements and using on-demand platforms to help them with their business development. This trend is spanning across many labor categories including, IT, marketing, accounting/finance, creative, and more.

On-demand talent or freelancers are a wonderful solution for companies that are looking to expand their parameters of what talent looks like. This solution can bring in hard-to-find talent, while filling the gaps in your total talent management strategy.

The number of available on-demand talent platform options can intimidate a client, and it can be difficult to decipher which ones to use. Therefore, utilizing a curator and aggregator of these platforms helps them engage with many on-demand platforms while keeping the simplicity and working through one vendor.


Benefits of Using a Freelancer Management System (FMS)?

The benefits of working through a company like this include:

  • Increased compliance of the independent contractor population
  • Seamless integration of 1 vendor through an existing contingent labor process, VMS, or MSP
  • Increased access to talent, given the relationships that exist between the curator and multiple on-demand platforms

As companies look to engage with on-demand talent, it’s important to remember that this type of talent is not going to look and feel like the traditional worker. Typically, talent on-demand works remotely, which offers the flexibility to widen the talent pool.

Additionally, on-demand talent is typically best utilized when looking to complete a project with a clear outcome. This allows talent curators to match the outcome with workers’ specific skills, to ensure the final product is completed correctly. Clients have less control over setting working hours and the focus is shifted to the completion of the task. As a result, the on-demand workforce is incentivized to maintain a high satisfaction rating as this follows them from project to project.


Talent On Demand with Monument: A Highly Rated MSP with Contingent Workforce Consulting

Are you still unsure of which talent on-demand platform to use? Consider partnering with our team of managed service providers (MSPs) at Monument Consulting to implement and internally manage your on-demand talent.

At Monument Consulting, we understand the importance of managing your contingent workforce in the most optimized and efficient manner. Therefore, our team uses vendor management systems to streamline our managed service provider services.

Additionally, we offer contingent workforce management consulting services to share our expertise with your staff on how to operate your contingent workforce at maximum efficiency. Our team at Monument will train your team how to operate with a VMS and help with your configuration evaluation, system integrations, and system enhancements to tailor the program to your industry and on-demand talent needs.

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By Morgan Mazza, Sr. Program Director