The thought of enhancing or implementing your contingent workforce program can be overwhelming. You understand the importance of reducing costs, streamlining processes, increasing the ability to attract quality candidates, and improving compliance… but where do you begin with evaluating your readiness for this level of change?

Look no further! Monument Consulting has you covered. The contingent workforce experts at Monument have developed a readiness assessment to help you decide if now is the right time for a fresh perspective of your program. Monument’s proven “Readiness Assessment” will give your organization the ability to ascertain what your current state of readiness for change is, identify where there are opportunities to improve your program, and provide recommendations on how to achieve your program goals.

The Importance of Assessing for Readiness during Pre-Implementation

Understanding your organization’s current state of readiness for a meaningful transformation is the first step to making a change. To avoid the risk of never getting the change off the ground, you should clearly define the “why” behind your desire to change. Then, work internally to verify that you have the available resources, brainpower, business expertise, and understanding of how viable the longevity of a solution will be. Identifying any weaknesses up front is key to ensuring these obstacles are addressed before they interfere with implementation. Since our company’s inception in 2003, Monument Consulting has helped clients with contingent workforce program enhancements of all shapes and sizes. By utilizing our industry expertise, we will help you evaluate your readiness and identify any potential pitfalls that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

Analyze Your Capacity for Change

Understanding your “why” for change is critical, but do you have the capacity for change? Evaluating your organization’s capacity for change is a crucial step in any transformation. Analyze your organization’s infrastructure, finances, and leadership. This will determine if your capacity for change is sufficient, or it will reveal some areas in need of attention. Once you have your project goals and objectives clearly defined, ask your executives the following questions:

  • Do we have the infrastructure to ensure this change goes smoothly?
  • Do we have support for this change from the necessary stakeholders at all levels?
  • Do we have the resources necessary to implement this change, or do we need to hire new staff members?
  • Do our employees have the skills they need to help execute this change or do they need more education and support?
  • How will our leaders encourage employee buy-in for this project?
  • Can we sustain this change long-term?
  • What is our budgetary allowance for the up-front costs involved in implementing this change?
  • What is our budgetary allowance for the long-term costs involved in sustaining this change’s success?
  • What will the return on investment be for this change?
  • After this change is successfully implemented, will it be scalable?

This analysis will leave you with a clear view of your capacity for change, as well as factors that may need more attention prior to embarking on the initiative. As part of Monument’s Readiness Assessment, we will assist with developing an actionable list for your capacity for change considerations – i.e., identify resource gaps; design a business plan to promote stakeholder buy-in; evaluate technology options from a budget and capability perspective.

Determine What Type of Change is Needed

Once your organization determines a well-defined goal, it’s important to understand what options you have available to achieve that goal. Can the issue be solved with a process change? Does a new technology need to be introduced? Can a system integration solve your problem? Multiple paths can often get you to the same desired result, but these solutions can have a variety of different effort and cost levels associated to them. As part of the Readiness Assessment, the solutions experts at Monument Consulting can help you evaluate your current state and make recommendations on the various options you have to help you reach your desired contingent workforce program results.

What to Do if You’re Ready for Change: Partner with Monument Consulting

Founded in 2003, Monument Consulting is built on a commitment to our clients and our shared values. Through our genuine passion for delivery, relentless pursuit of perfection, and bold decision-making, we are creating a more agile contingent workforce so businesses can dream bigger and achieve more. Our expertise is proven, and we’ve worked with a suite of Fortune 500 companies to help implement innovation that lasts. Our agile model allows us to pick the best tool(s) based on the flows and features that will truly meet our client’s needs and bring them the best outcomes.

If you’re looking for a partner who’s ready to help, contact us.